Blue Flowers

Blue flowers add a cool and calm beauty to any floral arrangement.

Send cool blue flowers

From the lacey blue hydrangea to the regal blue iris, the color blue conveys the tranquility of a pristine ocean, the uplifting spirit of a sun-filled sky or the confidence of a blue-ribbon victory. With symbolism ranging from faithfulness and loyalty to intelligence and peace. Blue is not only the most popular favorite color among people all over the world, but it also tends to represent feelings of calm and peacefulness. The hue may give off these vibes due to things in nature that are blue, including the sky and the ocean. reports blue is the color of the spirit and promotes rest because it causes the body to produce calming chemicals.

Blue can be both soft, like baby blue, and bold, such as midnight or electric blue, making it a popular choice for clothing, furniture and even cosmetics. It also appeals to both men and women, earning it the title of the least gender-specific color.

The hue has special meanings around the world as well. In Chinese cultures blue corresponds with five primary elements - the directions and the four seasons. In India, the god Krishna has blue skin, while in Greece, blue is believed to ward off the evil eye. People from Greece commonly wear blue charm necklaces or bracelets with an eye on it to keep bad or evil spirits and people away.

Since blue is known as a cooler shade, it may be no surprise that it is viewed as a soothing element in a garden setting. Blue flowers tend to visually fall into the background which help make smaller spaces naturally appear larger. The hue looks best when paired with the color orange. Add some relaxing vibes to your family room by purchasing blue flowers to keep on a coffee or end table. The blossoms will enhance the easy vibes while making your room look bigger. 

Is the pitter patter of little baby boy feet arriving soon? Celebrate this joyous occasion with an adorable assortment of blue blossoms but don't stop there! Add a special touch by adorning it with a plush teddy bear and a batch of balloons that read "Congratulations!". Leave a lasting impression with an extraordinary new baby boy flower delivery!

A breathtaking arrangement of flowers in blue tones is the perfect gift!

Feeling blue? Order light blue iris flowers mixed with bright yellow roses to lift your spirits! Brighten up the day of family, friends and loved ones by sending blue flowers.
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